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I first started writing (semi-) professionally in July 2016. Since then, my work has been published in AlterNetSalonHigh TimesLeaflyFilterMarijuana MomentEstroHaze, and Psychedelic Times.

See a full list of all of my published work below.


Illinois Set to Become the First State to Eliminate Cash Bail Published February 1, 2021

Biden Ending Federal Contracts With Private Prisons; Private ICE Detention Continues Published January 28, 2021

Detained Immigrants Face Retaliation Over COVID Hunger Strike Published January 12, 2021

Can Psychedelics Help Alleviate Racial Trauma? Published January 6, 2021

Denver Sued by Advocates for Raiding Homeless Camps Published December 24, 2020

How Legal Marijuana Will Be Decriminalized and Sold in New Jersey Published December 23, 2020

Michigan the Latest State to Address Driver’s License-Suspension Injustice Published December 21, 2020

Eureka, California, Drives Out Its Syringe Service Program Published December 17, 2020

Voters Approve All Seven Marijuana-Legalization Initiatives Across Five States Published November 4, 2020

Montana Leads the Nation in Black Marijuana Arrest Rates. Will It Legalize? Published November 2, 2020

Most of South Dakota’s Drug Arrests Are for Marijuana. Legalization Beckons. Published October 29, 2020

ACLU Sues Minneapolis for Raiding Encampments of Unhoused People Published October 26, 2020

Inside the CDC Data That Confirm the Pandemic Is Driving Up Overdose Deaths Published October 22, 2020

On the Ballot: Psychedelic Reform Measures in Oregon and DC Published October 21, 2020

San Francisco’s Cannabis Equity Program Hits Milestone But Still Falling Short Published October 20, 2020

California May Restore Voting Rights to Over 55,000 People With Felony Records Published October 19, 2020

“A Perfect Example of Targeting”—Marijuana Injustice in Southeast Brooklyn Published October 15, 2020

Why Private Prisons Are Spending a Fortune on 2020 Republican Candidates Published October 14, 2020

Michigan’s New Marijuana-Conviction Expungement Law: Pros and Cons Published October 14, 2020

Despite Immunity Law, Virginia Woman Charged After Calling 911 for Alleged Meth Crisis Published October 8, 2020


How Will You Talk to Your Kids About Drug Safety? Published October 6, 2020


Colorado Governor Pardons Thousands of People With Marijuana Convictions Published October 2, 2020

Ann Arbor, Michigan Decriminalizes Psychedelics—But Cuts Key Defunding Provision Published October 1, 2020


Drug Policy Reform in Missouri: City-Level Progress, Strong Headwinds Published September 24, 2020


Major Report Sheds Light on Europe’s Changing Drug-Use Patterns Published September 23, 2020


Why Historic House Marijuana Legalization Vote Has Been Pushed Back Published September 23, 2020


A Record Means Discrimination—But National Expungement Week Is Here Published September 18, 2020


As New Jersey Cops Arrest 100 People Daily for Marijuana, Will the State Legalize? Published September 16, 2020


Researchers Confirm the Lifesaving Power of a Safe Supply of Drugs Published September 16, 2020


Utah’s Overdose Spike and a Green Substance Known as “Hulk” Published September 10, 2020

The Impact of Family Members’ Incarceration on Black Women’s Mental Health Published September 9, 2020

Can LSD Microdosing Be a Potent Weapon Against Pain? Published September 3, 2020

Follow the Money: Why Marijuana Research Tells Us the Same Old Story Published September 2, 2020

Pennsylvania Now Lets You Get Naloxone by Mail Published August 27, 2020

What Marijuana Legalization Would Mean for Criminal Justice in Arizona Published August 24, 2020

Breaking Down a Model Bill to Decriminalize All Drugs Published August 20, 2020

Drive to Free Black Woman With Marijuana Life Sentence Exposes “Habitual Criminal” Laws Published August 19, 2020

Inside the Work of a New York Psychedelic Trip Guide Published August 18, 2020

How Would Dismantling the DHS Affect the War on Drugs? Published August 12, 2020

Will Californians Vote to Eliminate Cash Bail in November? Published August 10, 2020


Black Residents Subject to 97 Percent of Marijuana Arrests, Citations in Albany Published August 6, 2020


Twenty High-Risk Kentucky Counties Still Don’t Have Syringe Exchange Published August 5, 2020

New Jersey Bill Could Belatedly Release One in Five People From Prison Published August 3, 2020

The Political Fight to Avoid an Evictions Catastrophe Published July 30, 2020

Eight in 10 Democrats Want Marijuana Legalization. Why Doesn’t the Party? Published July 29, 2020

Californian Cannabis Tax Revenues Are Used to Boost Police Budgets Published July 23, 2020

A Unanimous Decision From St. Louis Lawmakers to Close Its Notorious Jail Published July 22, 2020

How Washington, DC’s Lack of Statehood Hurts Black and Poor Residents Published July 20, 2020

Why Are Black Arrest Rates for Marijuana Rising in Los Angeles? Published July 16, 2020

Texas Is Now the Epicenter for Coronavirus in Carceral Settings Published July 15, 2020

Joe Biden’s Criminal Justice Reform Task Force Passes on Marijuana Legalization Published July 13, 2020

St. Louis Is a Big Step Closer to Closing the Workhouse Published July 9, 2020

Despite Voting Rights Reform, Many People With Felonies Excluded From NJ Primary Published July 8, 2020

Researcher Charles Nichols Studies the Impact of Psychedelic Substances on Inflammation Published July 8, 2020

New Spike in Coronavirus Cases Could Further Worsen Overdose Crisis Published June 30, 2020

Support, Don’t Punish 2020: A Global Day of Action Against the Drug War Published June 25, 2020

Fighting Racism in a Small, Conservative Town in New Jersey Published June 10, 2020

Local and National Efforts Focus on Stopping Police “No-Knock” Raids Published June 9, 2020

LSD Is Surging in Popularity. New Research Unpacks the Trends. Published June 4, 2020


California Sheriff Sued for Keeping People Jailed as COVID-19 Rages Published June 4, 2020

Trump’s War on “Antifa” Promises Political Persecution of Activists Published June 3, 2020

US Forces Deployed to Colombia to Help Wage Futile War on Cocaine Published June 1, 2020

“The Waterboarding of Drugs!”—Hasan Minhaj Blasts “Rigged” Marijuana Industry Published May 27, 2020

No Evidence Prenatal Cannabis Exposure Causes Cognitive Impairment, Finds Major Review Published May 20, 2020

Indiana Syringe Exchange May Shut Down Next Month Amid Prosecutor’s Opposition Published May 18, 2020

Fiscal Crisis for Cities and States Threatens Harm Reduction Funding Published May 14, 2020

Cannabis Industry Demands That the DEA Keep Out of Marijuana Research Published May 13, 2020

Cooperative Weed: Can A Democratic Workplace Revolutionize Legal Cannabis? Published May 11, 2020

Joe Biden’s Unwelcome Plan to Expand Coerced Treatment and Drug Courts Published May 7, 2020

SSDP Conference: Ending Mass Incarceration Takes More Than Drug Policy Reform Published May 6, 2020

“A Load Off Your Chest”—Criminal Record Expungement During the Pandemic Published May 4, 2020

Cambridge, MA Scores Key Court Win for Equity in the Cannabis Industry Published April 29, 2020

How Bars and Nightclubs Can Help Prevent Fentanyl-Involved Deaths Published April 28, 2020

Until Next Time: California’s Mushroom Decriminalization Effort Ends Published April 22, 2020

ACLU Underlines That Racial Justice Takes More Than Just Marijuana Legalization Published April 22, 2020

Pressure Builds on ICE to Release Far More People During Pandemic Published April 17, 2020

Fighting the Health Threats of Loneliness as We Flatten the Curve Published April 16, 2020


Pandemic Hits Sexual and Reproductive Health Efforts Worldwide Published April 14, 2020

NY Gov. Cuomo Signs Away Bail Reforms Despite COVID-19 Decarceration Calls Published April 9, 2020

Protecting the Right to Vote During the Pandemic Published April 8, 2020

Amid the Crisis, Marijuana Legalization in New York Will Have to Wait Again Published April 3, 2020

Pandemic Puts the Brakes on the Psychedelic Decriminalization Movement Published April 1, 2020

COVID-19 Is Especially Devastating for Black and Brown Americans Published March 26, 2020

“Ticking Time Bombs”—Congressmembers Urge Releases From Federal Prisons Published March 25, 2020

When Methadone Clinics Support Patients Who Use Marijuana Published March 23, 2020

San Francisco Cannabis Shops Can Stay Open Amid COVID-19 Lockdown Published March 19, 2020

“The End Is Just the Beginning”: Where Farming Gets Psychedelic Published March 18, 2020

Why Midwestern Farmers Are Facing a Suicide Crisis Published March 17, 2020

The Incarcerated Population Is Especially Vulnerable to Coronavirus Published March 12, 2020

San Diego County Lawmaker Pushes to End Syringe Exchange Ban Published March 11, 2020

Worldwide, Executions for Drug-Law Violations Are Increasing Again Published March 5, 2020

UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs Once Again Postpones Key Cannabis Vote Published March 5, 2020

How Former Soviet Countries Are Suppressing Harm Reduction “Propaganda” Published March 5, 2020

Trump’s Ignorant Demand That Colombia Resume Aerial Spraying of Coca Crops Published March 4, 2020

How Sage Institute Is Putting The ‘Psychedelic’ Back in Ketamine Therapy Published March 3, 2020

Nebraska Property Tax Hawks Aid Fight To Pass Medical Marijuana Ballot Measure Published March 2, 2020

First Psychedelic Research Company Going Public in Canada Published March 2, 2020

Community Outrage at Oakland Homeless Camps Enforcement Proposal Published February 27, 2020

The Fight to Let Kids Get Medical Marijuana in Schools Comes to Maryland Published February 26, 2020

The Pittsburgh Steelers Want to Help Expunge Your Criminal Record Published February 24, 2020

Lawsuit Over Equity Plan Sees Cambridge, MA Pause All New Cannabis Businesses Published February 20, 2020

Journal Retracts Study That Falsely Associated E-Cigarettes With Heart Attacks Published February 20, 2020

Some Residents, Officials Gang Up Against Syringe Exchange in Chico, CA Published February 19, 2020

Colorado Marijuana Money Funds Cleaner Highways And Anti-Bullying Programs Published February 18, 2020

The Promise and Limitations of Potential Marijuana Decrim in Virginia Published February 18, 2020

Utah Woman Heralded for Naloxone Save, But State Doesn’t Fund Distribution Published February 13, 2020

Will “Sobering Centers” Help People Who Use Methamphetamine? Published February 12, 2020

Olympia’s “Mitigation Site” No Long-Term Homelessness Solution Published February 10, 2020

Netflix Blocks Marijuana Shows And Films In Response To Government Demands Published February 7, 2020

South Carolina Bid to Increase Naloxone Access in People’s Homes Published February 7, 2020

As Trump’s Vape Flavors Ban Kicks In, What Does It Mean on the Ground? Published February 6, 2020

Budget Hawks Threaten Hopes for Cannabis Equity In San Diego Published February 5, 2020

NYC Officials Propose “Universal Affordable Housing” Published February 5, 2020

“This Feels Like Home”: How Psychedelics Helped An Autistic Woman Break Out of Her Shell Published February 4, 2020

Can Psychedelics Find Acceptance in the Recovery Community? Published February 3, 2020

In Albany, A Flash Mob for Marijuana Justice Published January 30, 2020

Largest Native American Tribe Takes Step Toward Reforming Marijuana Laws Published January 29, 2020

Santa Cruz, California Becomes Third US City to Decriminalize Psychedelics Published January 29, 2020

Could a Naloxone Implant Have a Major Impact on the Overdose Crisis? Published January 28, 2020

West Virginia Senator Calls Syringe Exchanges “Failed Experiment,” Seeks to Ban Them Published January 23, 2020

Why Harsher Fentanyl Penalties Will Exacerbate the Overdose Crisis Published January 22, 2020

Idaho Senator Files Bill To Decriminalize Drug Possession Published January 20, 2020

Marijuana Record Expungement Movement Growing Rapidly, Report Shows Published January 17, 2020

Frustrations Boil Over Massachusetts Cannabis Equity Delays Published January 17, 2020

“An Avenue To Shift Our Lives”: A Clinical Psychologist Talks Cannabis Healing & Activism Published January 16, 2020

More Cannabis Workers Are Unionizing as Legalization Rolls Forward Published January 16, 2020

Activists Across Social Justice Movements Fight Voter Suppression in Georgia Published January 15, 2020


California’s Mushroom Decrim Campaign Cleared to Begin Voter Signature Drive Published January 10, 2020


Does the CDC Drastically Undercount US Overdose Deaths? Published January 9, 2020

“An Abstinence-Based State”—Utah Harm Reduction Faces Unique Challenges Published January 9, 2020


Addiction Treatment Facilities Fall Badly Short, Shows Federal Study Published January 8, 2020


World’s First Psilocybin Mushroom Policy Panel Starts Work in Denver Published January 2, 2020


TripApp Is the Latest Mobile Innovation to Make Drug Use Safer Published December 31, 2019


The World’s Biggest Online Drug Survey Wants To Help You Get High More Safely Published December 30, 2019


Tucker Carlson Calls John Boehner A ‘Pig’ For His ‘Disgusting’ Marijuana Work Published December 30, 2019


The Top Ten Psychedelic Moments of 2019 Published December 28, 2019


Tennessee Harm Reduction Workers Combat Stigma to Save Lives Published December 23, 2019

Three-Fourths Of New Mexico Voters Support Marijuana Legalization, State-Funded Poll Shows Published December 20, 2019

Congressional Fix Denies DC Voters Their Wish for Legal Cannabis Sales Published December 19, 2019

The Impact of Restored Voting Rights for 140,000 People With Convictions in Kentucky Published December 18, 2019

Criminalizing Drug Sellers Makes Drugs Cheaper And Deadlier, Report Says Published December 17, 2019

Four Intersecting Overdose Crises Require Unique Responses, Researchers Find Published December 16, 2019

Finally: A Black-Owned, Equity-Program Cannabis Dispensary in San Francisco Published December 12, 2019

A Patented Psilocybin Nasal Spray Is Coming. Will Legalization Be Fair? Published December 11, 2019

How to Legalize MDMA, With the Help of Pharmacies and Nightlife Spaces Published December 6, 2019

NYC Over-Polices Subway at the Expense of Marginalized People Published December 6, 2019

“Not Mechanized or Automatic”—Ketamine Researcher Sounds Caution Over Alcohol Study Published December 5, 2019


What Do We Know About Ketamine’s Potential to Help Problematic Drinking? Published November 27, 2019


Skid Row Project Highlights Toilets as Harm Reduction and a Human Right Published November 25, 2019

California Bid to Decriminalize Psilocybin Mushrooms in 2020 Gets a Boost Published November 22, 2019

Federal Marijuana Legalization Closer After Historic Vote in Congress Published November 20, 2019

Decarceration USA: A Roundup of Campaigns to Close Local Jails Published November 20, 2019

Where US Psychedelic Decriminalization Efforts Stand Right Now Published November 15, 2019

A Determined Group of Newark Residents Fights for Clean Drinking Water Published November 14, 2019

Watch: Congresswoman Barbara Lee Urges Cannabis Justice Published November 13, 2019

Bringing the Worker Co-Op Revolution to Legal Weed Published November 13, 2019

What Kentucky, Mississippi Gubernatorial Results May Mean for Medicaid Published November 6, 2019

Why Private Prisons Are at the Center of a Pennsylvania Prosecutor Race Published November 4, 2019

Women Are Disproportionately Held in Jails Rather Than Prisons, Increasing Harms Published October 31, 2019

Bernie Sanders’ Plan to Expunge Millions of Cannabis Convictions Faster Published October 30, 2019

As Buttigieg Visits a Dispensary, How Far Will 2020 Dems Go for Cannabis Justice? Published October 25, 2019

What Drug Policies Did the “Bernie’s Back” Rally Crowd Want? Published October 23, 2019

Four Northeast Governors Say They’ll Prioritize Cannabis Justice—Activists Will Hold Them to Account Published October 22, 2019

2020 Democrats’ Misguided Call to Jail Pharma Execs for Opioids Published October 17, 2019

How Psychedelic Exceptionalism Harms Drug Users Published October 16, 2019

Murders of Homeless People in NYC’s Chinatown Reflect a Crisis Decades in the Making Published October 15, 2019


Pressure Mounts on NY Gov. Cuomo to Authorize Safe Consumption Sites Published October 10, 2019

Illinois Maps “Disproportionately Impacted Areas” for Its Cannabis Social Equity Program Published October 9, 2019

San Diego Proposals Illustrate Tricky Issues Around Cannabis Advertising Published October 7, 2019

Gun Control Needed But No Panacea, Say Chicago Experts After Dem Forum Published October 3, 2019

Victory for the Historic SAFE Banking Act Will Do Little for Social Equity Published October 2, 2019

Next Week Is the Perfect Time to Get Your Cannabis Conviction Expunged Published September 18, 2019

Inside the Toxic Sex Education Battle in Tucson, Arizona Published September 12, 2019

ACLU Sues Bureau of Prisons for Denying a Federal Prisoner Buprenorphine Published September 11, 2019

Are Fentanyl-Meth Deaths in Indiana Due to Contamination, or “Speedballing”? Published September 9, 2019

As First Cannabis Cafe in the US Opens, Can Such Venues Serve a Social Justice Need? Published September 5, 2019

Code for America to Automate Expungement of Cannabis Convictions in Cook County, IL Published September 4, 2019

Watch: Fentanyl Safety Campaign Poses the “Coke Challenge” Published August 29, 2019

The Quest to Pass Medical Cannabis in “Prohibition Island” Idaho Published August 28, 2019

EPA Criticized for Being Open to Hemp Growers Using Pesticides Published August 26, 2019

The First-Ever MDMA Therapy Training for Communities of Color Was Vital Published August 23, 2019

Berkeley, CA May Be Next the City to Decriminalize Natural Psychedelics Published August 22, 2019

“We Want to Inspire Others”—Boston’s First Recreational Cannabis Dispensary to Be Black-Owned Published August 21, 2019

New Mexico Reignites Debate Over State-Run Cannabis Retail Published August 16, 2019


Study Author Explains Extent to Which Police Violence Is a Public Health Hazard Published August 15, 2019

California Poised to Crack Down Harder on Illicit Medical Cannabis Market Published August 14, 2019

Social Equity Researcher Robert Chlala Breaks Down the Los Angeles Cannabis Debate Published August 13, 2019

Denver Lawmaker Tells Filter Why She Led Vote Against Private Prison Companies Published August 9, 2019

2020 Candidate Andrew Yang Tweets Support for Safe Consumption Sites Published August 8, 2019

How Activists Are Transitioning After Denver Psilocybin Decriminalization Published August 6, 2019

Psychedelic Decriminalization Bids Gain Momentum in Cities Nationwide Published August 2, 2019

California Working Toward Certifying “Almost Organic” Cannabis Published August 1, 2019

More Research-Marijuana Grow Sites Needed, Say Scientists, Congressmembers Published July 31, 2019

Massachusetts Advances Its Unique Cannabis Social Equity Program Published July 26, 2019

How Rodney Hampton Turned a Cannabis Arrest Into A Black-Owned Dispensary Published June 26, 2019

“No Blank Check”—Psychedelic Activists Tread Warily After Decrim Wins Published June 25, 2019

Cannabis Home-Growers in New Mexico Offer An Alternative to Recreational Sales: Joseph Ramirez on Making Home Cannabis Grows More Accessible Published June 7, 2019

Oakland Decriminalizes Psychedelic Mushrooms and Plants in Council Vote Published June 5, 2019

How One City Invests Cannabis Tax Dollars Into Black-Owned Businesses Published June 3, 2019

Oakland Scores Victory For Decriminalization of Entheogenic Substances Published May 30, 2019

A Fight for the Spirit of California Cannabis: A Conversation with Daniel Montero About Social Equity in San José Published May 18, 2019

Turn On, Tune In To Your Body: A Conversation with Jennifer Purdon on Psychedelic Inclusion, Music, and Nursing Published May 18, 2019

“Denver’s Just the First Domino”—City Dramatically Decriminalizes “Magic” Mushrooms Published May 9, 2019

“A Big-Ass Civics Lesson From Hell”: Leo M. Bridgewater on Failed Marijuana Legalization in New Jersey and How to Mobilize Voters Published April 30, 2019

Why Worldwide Drug Policy Progress Is Driven From the Ground Up Published April 30, 2019

Young People Of Color As Leaders In The Movement To End The War On Drugs Published April 22, 2019

Uplifting a New Face & Voice of Cannabis: A Happy 4/20 with Safon Floyd of EstroHaze Published April 20, 2019

“Discover who you truly are.” Albert Hofmann’s Bicycle Day and A Critical Look at LSD Published April 19, 2019

Cannabis Consumers Have Power: Meet Some Pioneers of Industry Inclusivity Published April 18, 2019

Beyond Legalization: Searching SSDP Conference Takes On Exclusion Published April 11, 2019

Why Is the Cannabis Industry Struggling to Build Social Equity in the City of Angels? An Interview with Kristen Lovell of the Social Impact Center, Los Angeles Published April 3, 2019

“Our lawmakers don’t talk to their constituents.” An Interview with New Mexico Activist Monique Chavez on Why Pot Legalization Failed In Her State Published April 1, 2019

FDA Approves Ketamine-Derived Treatment for Depression, But How Are People Really Using It? A Conversation with Kellye Greene of New York DanceSafe Published March 30, 2019

Equity and Expungement: Why Cannabis Activists Crashed SXSW Published March 19, 2019

Rethinking Ketamine in Light of a Newly Approved Depression Treatment Published March 19, 2019

For People Still Impacted by the Crack Era, the First Step Act Isn’t Enough Published February 6, 2019

The People of Color Psychedelic Society: Feminism and Psychedelics in One Group Published January 24, 2019

Is Psychedelic Healing in Your Genes? A Team of Scientists Seeks to Find Out Published January 14, 2019

Why Crack Cocaine Sentencing Reform Could Mean Mean Thousands Out of Prison — Including Cannabis Convicts Published Jan 9, 2019

Will a New Democratic Congress Help Make Marijuana Dreams a Reality? Published Jan 2, 2019

The First Step Act Is Not The Criminal Justice Reform We Need. But It’s A Start. Published December 21, 2018

What Our Saliva Will Tell Us About MDMA Therapy: Dr. Joe Tafur and the Modern Spirit Epigenetics Project Published December 20, 2018

Pioneering UConn MDMA Research Focused on People of Color Ends Early: What Are the Next Steps for Equity in Treatment? Published December 18, 2018

The Burgeoning Psychedelics Movement Still Excludes Women and People of Color Published December 3, 2018

“I Am Living Testimony That Cannabis Saves Lives”: How A Brooklyn Woman Used Cannabis and Meditation To Survive Tragedy Published November 26, 2018


NYC’s First Experiential CBD Store Opens Downtown, Seeking To Build Bridges In a Troubled Market Published November 21, 2018


NYC Marijuana Arrests Have Dropped, but Policing Still Targets Minority Groups Published November 14, 2018

FDA Gives Stamp of Approval for Clinical Psilocybin Trials Published November 13, 2018


Cannabis Technology Platform Eaze Announces Major Discount on Pot Purchases for U.S. Veterans Published November 7, 2018


Cannabis Conviction? The First Ever National Expungement Week Begins Published October 19, 2018


How A Gender-Nonbinary Person Navigates The Cannabis Industry Published October 8, 2018


A Team of European Researchers Is Crowdsourcing the World’s First ‘Self-Blinded’ LSD Microdosing Study Published October 6, 2018


A Cannabis Lawyer in Portland Has an Ambitious Plan to Fund More Women in the Industry Published October 3, 2018


After 26 Years In Prison For LSD, And Clemency From Obama, Timothy Tyler Is A Free Man Published September 10, 2018

Massachusetts Cannabis Activists Warn Against Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Worker Behavior in Industry Published August 10, 2018

A Healing Trip: Psychologists Are Testing MDMA to Treat the Trauma of Racism Published August 1, 2018

A Psychedelic Study In Connecticut Aims to Bridge the Racial Gap in MDMA Psychotherapy Published July 17, 2018

What It’s Like to Brew Black Market Weed Beer in New York City Published June 12, 2018

This Baker, Entrepreneur, And Mother Fights For Section 8 Tenants To Use Medical Cannabis Published May 29, 2018

How Activists Are Fighting For Full Cannabis Legalization In Washington, D.C. Published April 20, 2018

DC’s Cannabis Confusion Could Be Solved by Maryland Voters Published April 26, 2018

Two movements converge in Mexico at CryptoPsychedelic Published April 1, 2018

Dreaming About Drug Reform: An Interview With Arturo Lua Castillo Published March 27, 2018

Black Tar, Black Markets: Denver's Opioid Crisis and the Search for a Progressive Fix Published February 28, 2018

Maine Gov Vetoes (Admittedly Flawed) Legal Cannabis Bill, Leaving Future Sales Uncertain Published November 9, 2017

International Drug Policy Reform Conference Brings Harm Reduction Into Spotlight Published October 30, 2017

Does The First Amendment Protect Spiritual Cannabis Use? A D.C. Activist Plans To Argue For It Published September 7, 2017

Washington Man Facing Prison After Foraging For Wild Mushrooms Published August 15, 2017

Ohio City Gov’t: We Have To Fine And Jail Overdose Survivors To Give Them “Treatment Opportunities” Published April 13, 2017

A Weekend For Women And Weed Published January 23, 2017

Adam Eidinger Calls On Cannabis Community To #SmokeSessions Published January 9, 2017

We Talked With World Ayahuasca Conference Organizer Ben De Loenen Published October 17, 2016

Canada Approves Legal Heroin For Severely Addicted Patients Published September 28, 2016

Obama Commutes Sentences For 111, Including Deadhead Serving Life For LSD Published September 1, 2016

J Walking Along Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Trail Published August 29, 2016

Activists Bring 51-Foot Cannabis Joint To Hillary Clinton Published August 19, 2016

Manny Pacquiao And Rodrigo Duterte Support The Death Penalty For Drug Crimes Published July 19, 2016

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